Ray Mar Books

Ray Mar is not only accomplished as an entertainer, but also a writer. Ray Mar has published a series of books, not just for entertainers, but books that deal with everyday life and family. Any of these works are bound to motivate and inspire anyone who needs those words of comfort and encouragement in a way that Ray Mar will speak to your heart.


Autographed copies of his books can be purchased by sending a check for $20.00 to Ray Mar Productions, P.O. Box 5511, Goodyear, AZ 85338. 

Book Reviews


"Throughout his amazing career, Ray Mar has demonstrated the type of exceptional leadership that only a handful of DJ's have ever aspired to.  He is one of the few individuals within the DJ community whose 

contributions have transcended the boundaries of 'educational' and 'inspirational' leadership.  His seminars and writings have mentored thousands and his personable qualities serve as a shining example of class and dignity.  The DJ industry owes a great debt of gratitude to the contributions of Ray Martinez . . . a Hall Of Fame DJ industry leader of the highest caliber."

--Larry Williams, Disc Jockey, Author "Mind Your Own Business"    Lake Tahoe, CA


The first book was Marvelous.  Looking forward to getting my hands on your new book.  Ray Mar’s advice can make a difference. There are so many people that could learn from one of the best.” 
--Alan Cabaso, Floyd Rose Audio


Finding a friend and inspiration with a positive outlook on life isn't easy.  Ray has motivated me to be a better person and entertainer since the day I met him. He has shared a few gems with the industry over the years that have had significant impact on my business. His reputation is well 

deserved and his accomplishments speak for themselves." 

--Marcello Pedalino, Author "Celebrate Life,"
M.M.P Entertainment, New Jersey

"One of the best ways to really know someone is to watch their life. After sixteen years, I can say that HONESTY, INTEGRITY, MORALITY, SENSITIVITY, KINDNESS, TALENT, along with that ever-present HUMOR, best describes the life of this unique man so many of us know and love, Ray Martinez. You will cry, you will laugh, you will learn, but you will never be bored." --Carolynn Barela, CGB Media, Mesa, AZ